Welcome to the Game Making Deathmatch

Once again the Game Programming Club is proud to announce this competition to the students of The University of Toronto.

The Theme Was : Dimensional Disturbances

Thank you to everyone for participating, we hope you've enjoyed it! Submission instructions are just below.

Closing Ceremony : The closing ceremonies for GMD2K5 were held in BA 1230 Friday Dec 9th from 4-7 PM. we announced the winners and distributed the prizes. You didn't need to bring anything, just yourselves.


The winners are... Everybody who entered!

The top ten are as follows:

		1. Q-Bit
		2. Billy's Adventure
		3. Anomaly
		4. Flatwar
		5. Tails from 2space
		6. 3d Flash Asteroids "Pew Pew Pew"
		7. Death Gate
		8. Tesseract
		9. Mobius Squared
		10. Ars Magica

Congratulations to everyone who participated, all the games were good. Hope you learnt a lot from making them and had lots of fun too!

Here are the 19 games that we are allowed to post, in no particular order:

	2d_squares.zip			3d_Glasses.zip
	Anomaly.zip			ArsMagica.zip
	Billy's_Adventures.zip		Blood_Vessel.zip
	cspickup.zip			Death_Gate.zip
	Disturbances.zip		fw.tar.gz
	gmd2k5r2.zip			Gravity.zip
	MazeDistortions.zip		Mobius_Squared.zip
	Mouse_Trap.zip			Q-bit.zip
	Tails_from_2-space.zip		tesseract.zip

Note: some are Linux/UNIX only, though most are Windows. Some require additional resources like DirectX and Python, all details are described in the contents of the zip files.

See you again next year, contestants!

Submissions : To submit your game, bring it on a floppy/CD/DVD along with your paper submission to BA2135 within 4-6 pm Wednesday November 30th. Games will not be accepted after 6 pm.

Submission will be accepted on 30 of November, it will be made anonymous. Last year we requested that participants have following directories: bin, src, doc. Where "bin" has the game executables. "src" has game source (and we mean all of it, images, sound too). "doc" is ether a file or a directory with a file in text format describing your design, maybe some back story of the game, rules, controls and anything else you deem necessary for judges to know (like particular features that you'd like them to note).
You may wish to have different structure but we ask that you have this:

1) Necessities
Linux/OSX/Other Unix Systems: You should submit your game, a makefile, what libraries you used.
Windows: The executables and .dll library files.
In other words all the necessities that would make it run on the given operating systems. (I didn't put consoles and other operating systems because I don't know the specifics).
2) Read Me File
This should be a plain text file README.TXT that explain how to install and run your game. Feel free to use your paper submission. This should go in the root directory. You must put what operating system it runs on so we can sort out which game runs on what to speed up the marking process.
3) Source Code
Just to show us you haven't cheated. we will skim through the source code on many a game, don't be bashful about how awesome or horrid your code is please. Put this all in a convenient directory src/.

More information is available in F.A.Q. section of the website.

Most of our clubs communication happens on the forums : GPC forums

Don't hesitate to contact us with any unanswered questions you may have.

Proudly presented by:

The Game Programming Club of University of Toronto