The Games

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All the games from this year’s competition are now hosted on this site.  There was some trouble after the competition in getting all the files uploaded correctly, but everything has been worked out.

Thanks everyone, and I hope to see you for next year’s GMD, as well as this year’s TOJam, coming up in a week.


Awards Ceremony

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With all the games judged, it’s time to actually award the prizes.  During next week’s meeting (March 19th, 5-7pm in BA2195) we’ll be showing all the games, as well as giving out the prizes.  By that time all the games should be up on this site.



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The theme for this year’s GMD is…

“Don’t shoot the plants”

…Go forth and make your game! The deadline is February 20th.

Good Luck!

Welcome to GMD 2009

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This will be the website for the Game Making Deathmatch 2009 competition! This page will be updated more and more as information is released. The competition begins on January 29th, 2009 and will end on February 20th, 2009.