The Game Making Deathmatch 2006
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Invent it; code it; play it

Welcome to the Game Making Deathmatch 2006


  December 12, 2006

Amazing News: Introversion Software has decided to support our competition with three copies of their latest title: DEFCON.

Introversion Software are the guys that also made Darwinia and Uplink. They are one of the very few companies out there which still put out creative stuff. And for those of you who don't know, they are just two guys in their bedroom. So show them your support.


  November 13 , 2006

I am extremly excited to announce GarageGames as a sponsor to our competition. GarageGames has agreed to sponsor us with $500 US in software prizes.

         1st- Torque Game Engine 1.5 and Torque Game Builder Indie 
         2nd- Torque Game Engine 1.5 
         3rd- Torque Game Builder Indie 

Many of you may have no idea what GarageGames is or what they do. However, the people that attended the Microsoft XNA presentation on Saturday know that this is a GREAT MUST HAVE profesional product for building games.

For more information please check our forums.

  November 10 , 2006

And the theme is:

"The stress of a red blood cell during the preparation for an incoming virus attack."

Please do not ask what the theme means. It can mean anything you want. There is no right answer. Use your own interpretation, and play with ideas until you find something you like.

If the theme does not trigger anything in your head right away, it means it is a good theme. We want people to think of new ideas, and not recycle their old games.

Be creative and have fun!


  November 6 , 2006

The Student Affairs domain has received some 'upgrades' for the past 2 weeks. This caused all the student clubs websites to have difficulties. We hope that everything returned back to normal. However, please bookmark our GMD mirror website as a precaution measure:

Also please note that I will be accepting registration forms Tuesday (November 7) in CSSU around 12 noon. Ask for Andrei.


  October 23, 2006

For easy access, you can find the registration form here. Remember the application deadline is November 9.


  October 20, 2006

Game-Making DEATHMATCH is an opportunity for U of T students, to compete against each other in a FUN game developing contest.

The most important thing about Game-Making DEATHMATCH is that EVERYONE has an equal opportunity of winning. Whether you are a first year learning JAVA or a graduate student, game programming veteran, the Game-Making DEATHMATCH evens out your chances of winning, by awarding FUN and CREATIVITY rather than technical skills or technology used. Never before has there been a more fair competition between first-years and graduate students. And for this year, we took extra steps at eliminating the differences by awarding points for how much each of you learn individually. Thus if you have any doubts about your technical abilities, rest assured GMD was designed for you.

Game-Making DEATHMATCH is not meant to interfer with your school, and therefore it is scheduled to start AFTER your midterms, on November 10th and end before your exams, on December 1st.

The purpose of the competition is to develop a fun original game within the time limit, which fits within the theme we'll announce on November 10th. The type of game to be developed will be very easy to program. For example, in order to keep things fair between students with different backgrounds, we will NOT ask you to develop a first-person shooter, but rather a simple game which involves a "ball and a paddle."

If you like to work alone, or want to bring your friend to help you, Game-Making DEATHMATCH satisfies your preferences. Because of the simplicity of the programming, there is no technical advantage of working alone or in pairs. Game-Making DEATHMATCH allows you to choose simply because it recognizes you might have more fun one way than the other.

Last but not least Game-Making DEATHMATCH offers AMAZING prizes like a Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and many more. So come, bring your friends along and register TODAY!

For more information make sure you check out the FAQ. You can also contact us through the GPC forums, email, or at one of the GPC meetings.