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Welcome one and all!

Hello and welcome to the magical, mysterious and always wonderful Game Making Deathmatch! Much thanks goes to Chris Allen for setting up this year’s website.  This site is your source for the latest GMD2k10 updates, advise, discussion and action.  As the contest has yet to begin, this site will be limited in information, however as the deadline approaches,I hope that it will become an integral source of information for all GMD participants.

For now, I’ll start by posting this year’s registration form(GMD2k10rules) which have all the pre-GMD information printed on them that you’ll need until the UTGDDC meeting on Feb.11th which I highly recommend all registered GMD particpants attend, as it will be ground zero for announcing this years theme.  As for what this year’s theme is I can’t tell you yet , but I think you’re gonna like it.  Stay tuned and get those forms in, good luck in advance!

-Shane Zeagman