Wheel Of Space

Wheel of Space by Ante Bralic and Mark Cautillo


Categories are rated from 1 (excellent) to 7 (poor).

Sound and Music: 2

  • For the most part, I liked the voices and sound. However, at times I found there was almost too many people talking (Hero, Obama, Computer, Narrator). The amateur voicework was 25% great/funny, 75% home movie (sincere in the attempt, but failing). The great more than compensated for the amateur. I will remember some moments the rest of my life!
  • I liked when the “actors” were playing their parts. i.e. The Hero, The Computer voice, to a lesser extent Obama. I didn’t like the announcer / narrator as much. i.e. “you breath on the window and draw a cute little happy face”. The acting isn’t the issue, that was fine. However, I would have preferred a straightforward unemotional delivery since the dialog was already funny (the delivery seemed to take away from it).
  • If you make another game like this, I would remove the subtitles since I couldn’t stop myself from reading ahead and sometimes spoiling things. Still allow me to quickly switch to the next piece of dialog, that’s seriously appreciated. After the all the voicework you put in, it must have been painful to allow people to skip it.
    You guys are already better than Square!

Graphics and Art: 2

  • In fairness to “Quanticom Systems”, I could not give this a 1.
  • The art was great, but did not require the same effort (Quanticom had detailed animations).
  • Having said that, the graphics perfectly captured the atmosphere of those classic point & click games. i.e. Low res characters against beautiful backdrops.
  • The crash landing scene (with the frog) looked amazing.

Adherence to Theme: 1

  • Best use of an interactive Potato ever. Especially considering it did nothing (so was absolutely on the side).
  • The frog played a great role. Game doesn’t twist its story to fit the theme, they just matched naturally.
  • Game could not exist without the theme (without the potato, it would be missing many of it’s funniest moments).

Originality and Creativity: 3

  • It’s one of the rare games that tries to be funny, and is funny.
  • While there are more misses than hits, those hits are great!
    • i.e. Hero: “I hope he doesn’t have me fired…” Obama (instantly): “I WILL HAVE YOU FIRED!!!!”
    • i.e. Grappling hook budget blackout.
  • Using the potato never failed to make me laugh.
  • While very creative, and definitely an original story, the gameplay was classic adventure (I realize it’s supposed to be)

Technical Achievement: 6

  • This is a judgement call. I imagine Adventure Game Studio toolkit had a learning curve, but not nearly as steep as some of the other technologies. Hopefully it wasn’t a bitch to learn, or I’ll feel like a jerk.

Overall: 3

  • Good game! The comedy is not quite good enough to ensure I send copies to all my friends.
  • I’ll show them the choice scenes on my machine (especially the potato), but I don’t see them playing the game by themselves.


  • You should know that I don’t typically play adventure games (old school or new school). If it weren’t for the humour laced throughout your game, I would never have made it to the end.
  • I thought I was the only one who saw the movie Cube. Prime Numbers? Well done.
  • You should send an e-mail to http://www.tigsource.com, they might enjoy this.
  • “We assume no responsibility if you thought this game was a complete waste of time.” - GENIUS ENDING!

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