Wedged In

Wedged In by Alex Stittle and Kristal Stittle


Categories are rated from 1 (excellent) to 7 (poor).

Sound and Music: 1

  • The sound your frog makes when s/he dies is fantastic. I laughed every time I heard it.
  • The background music perfectly suits the game (lively is the right word).
  • Since you wrote most/all of these, I have to give you a 1.

Graphics and Art: 3

  • (I rank higher because it’s 3D)
  • Animated 3D walking frogs! A title screen with a tree and high-rez potato (and frog).
  • Liked the potato bullet, and the boxes, but the explosion effect needs work (looks like dozens of hoola hoops).
  • The frogs had style, The potato had style. The levels… didn’t have style.
  • I’m not saying the graphics needed to be more detailed, they just needed to have more style. i.e. Do the boxes really mesh with the frogs? They are muted and boring and the frogs are so lively and cartoony.
  • Imagine I was playing Doom and one of your Frogs came at me. That’s what your game sometimes feels like. Developing a selection of colours that worked nicely together would improve the look of your game. Currently, you’re taking things too literally. i.e. Does the background sky add anything to the overall look?

Adherence to Theme: 4

  • You had the earth. You had the potato. You had the frogs. However, I don’t think this added anything to the game (graphics, story or gameplay).
  • In fact, your game would probably be improved if we replaced the graphics with Bomberman characters, colours, and backgrounds. While you did reskin Bomberman, you didn’t fully reskin it. i.e. How do the crates/boxes relate to the Frogs/Potatos? Did they contain the potatos?

Originality and Creativity: 4

  • Bomberman, with a twist - a pretty good twist actually!
  • Loved shooting the potato. Loved richoeting the potato off the corners.
  • Loved the fact the speed powerup influenced the bullets (as well as your guy)
  • Liked the 360 degree nature of the explosion, and the fact they could explode other potatos leading to a brief chain reaction.
  • Did NOT like the fact blocks sometimes didn’t explode when shot. The readme says it was designed this way. I no longer believe readme files, I think it’s trying to cover a bug.
  • If this IS by design, maybe you want to add other “features” like moving left sometimes doesn’t move you left - that also adds uncertainty.
  • Since it is a Bomberman clone (including what the powerups do), I don’t feel right going much higher.

Technical Achievement: 1

  • It’s 3 Freaking D! 4 players! Animated Frogs. Collision detection including corner rebounds.
  • I’m moving you from 2 to 1 due to all the extra content (lots of powerups, ghosts, multiple levels). I consider that somewhat technically challenging, since you have to plan your code better to handle it.
  • I should knock you for those horrendous load times, but I’ll blame my machine for them - THIS TIME.

Overall: 3

  • While the gameplay has merit, the game is simply too hard to play with my friends (they’ll get frusterated).
  • Even with the twists, it still reminds me of Bomberman. Currently, I’d rather play Bomberman.


  1. I laughed every time I died. That scream, combined with the fact I almost always died stupidly, is the games greatest feature. Dying in this game is funny! It’s on par with N’s death scene, cornering yourself in in Bomberman, and the accidental deaths in Worms. Keep that aspect!!!
  2. This is the most dangerous game I’ve ever played. Firing 1 bullet pretty much means instant death. Life is cheap in this game. Even when I was paying attention, I got myself killed. Mining the level is FAR more dangerous than fighting your opponent.
  3. I played (2 player) against my wife. We would almost always die mining. If we did get close to each other, whoever shot first usually won. Then we would just start playing with the remaining 2 characters. Perhaps you should consider making this a co-op mining game? Since mining is your greatest enemy!
  4. Did NOT like the fact I was not auto-aligned with the grid.    Why do I ever want to be halfway between a wall and a hallway, trying to guess if my bullet is going to rebound? I don’t. Trying to constantly line up my shots, and praying they wouldn’t hit a wall, was not fun. I’m sure I could get good at it, but who wants to worry about this. Either I’m in line with a block, or in line with a hallway, the inbetweens don’t add anything. If the player stops inbetween 2 grid spots, keep moving him until he arrives at the next spot. Some of the Bombermen did this.
  5. Did not like the load times, game desperately needs an instant restart button. Especially considering how easy it is to die.
  6. It’s WAY to easy to kill yourself - making the game way too hard (my wife would probably not play again, and she loves Bomberman). With quick reset ability, and auto-alignment to grid spots, I believe this may not be an issue. i.e. You’ll kill yourself, but it will be quick to restart so who cares.
  7. Trying to aim diaganolly is hard. Should stick with 90 degrees (even if there is free space)
  8. Gameplay Flaw: Once I’m powered up, I can’t start digging fresh anymore. i.e. If I dig all the way into 1 hallway, I’ll be so powered up I can’t start digging into another hallway. I supposed I could start digging a little bit into every row, but that’s more tedious than fun.
  9. The “shameless self promotion” in the readme was classic. If we were rating readme files, I’d give you a 1.

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