Unfair by Andrei Petrov


Categories are rated from 1 (excellent) to 7 (poor).

Sound and Music: n/a

Graphics and Art: n/a

Adherence to Theme: 7

Originality and Creativity: 5

  • A simulated text conversation between 2 people has been done many times.
  • Having said that, I felt like I was reliving a real life conversation between the developer and his girlfriend, a conversation they’ve had many times before. It felt more like I was reading someone’s diary than playing a game. i.e. So this is what life is like for this poor student. Ouch.
  • I like the fact their may be no way to win!
  • While it didn’t seem to fit, I laughed at the strange threat
  • “… or you will feel like a pathetic brown smelly thing afterwards”

Technical Achievement: 7

  • Based on my several attempts, there actually appears to be LESS to this game than meets the eye.
  • There seems to be a very limited amount of conversation, and it seems to follow the same branches.

Overall: 6

  • Hopefully, the developer is able to find that magic balance of girlfriend and work.


  1. Don’t show my “emotion number”. There’s no point. This ruins the intimacy of the conversation and reminds me I’m playing a game. The only thing this game has going for it is the intimacy. The number ruins that. To me, it’s not about “beating the game”, it’s about having a conversation.
  2. So far I’ve yet to have time for work AND the girl… AWESOME.
  3. Sometimes I’m presented with these 6 choices: 1:Fine 2:I’m sorry, I really am. 3:Good bye. 4:Fine 5:Good bye. 6:I’m sorry, I really am.
  4. While I know it’s a bug, it seemed to show just how confused this poor man is.

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