Quanticom Systems

Quanticom Systems by Ian Chan by Chris Semoff

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Categories are rated from 1 (excellent) to 7 (poor).

Sound and Music: 1

  • Professional use of music and sound effects. Sounds matched the animations.
  • Great choice of background music. Tons of ambiance.
  • The projector sound during the intro was a nice touch.

Graphics and Art: 1

  • Fantastic, Professional Introduction. FUNNY, dry, black humour. Laughed at the ending “Eliminate all employees”. Great setup.
  • Extremely clean graphics. Great animations. Everything looks extremely professional. No idea how long it took.
  • The careful attention to art and sound combine to generate a great atmosphere, something most deathmatch games are missing.

Adherence to Theme: 1

  • Fantastic implementation of the theme, it adds to the game.
  • I can’t see this game without the theme.

Originality and Creativity: 3

  • Gameplay reminded me of a Tower Defense games, combined with Missile Command.
  • The introduction was the perfect setup to this game. It made me want to keep playing to determine if the employees were actually infected. Based on how they were casually walking around, I don’t think they were.
  • Loved the description of each employee (before I zapped them).
  • I really enjoyed the keyboard + mouse mechanic. Very reponsive. Very deadly.
  • Until reading the readme.txt, I was trying to play completely with the mouse. I reached Level 3 and then wondered why you made the game impossible.
  • I liked the mixture of long range tesla coil and short range torches. Had to be able to think about the entire screen at once (so I’m glad you kept the room grid small).

Technical Achievement: 4

  • Based on how the employees walk, it looks like you’re using random path finding (which is why the rooms are small, and the paths of the employees are severely restricted.
  • That’s fine, and serves the game well, but I believe you removed the trickiest technical part.
  • The trickiest technical thing in the game (beyond knowing how to use standard flash animations and sound), is the tesla coil zap effect. However, I don’t believe they were as tricky as the physics on Progger or the 3D stuff in Immunity.

Overall: 1

  • Great Presentation. Great Graphics. Great Story. Good Gameplay.


  • Liked the fact the enemy couldn’t hurt my turrets!
  • Disliked the 10 second time limit to lay my stuff? Why not give me as long as I want so I can plan a strategy?
  • Does it really matter where you put things? I’m not sure it does :)
  • When things got hectic I found myself desperately pressing 1-2-3-4 simultaneously to keep firing my weapons.
  • Which is when I discovered ammo is not infinite - good catch.

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