Immunity by Daniel Steger and Jacque Waller


Categories are rated from 1 (excellent) to 7 (poor).

Sound and Music: 6

  • Liked the lighthearted song and the “Whee!”. However, that’s all there was too like.

Graphics and Art: 2

  • (I’m marking high because this is a 3D game.)
  • I loved the “clouds” of viruses, and the fact they appeared to blend together.
  • Liked the creatures you created, especially the lifter. I can’t believe you animated him picking things up.
  • Did not like the look of the rest (buildings and cobblestones), felt it was too generic.
  • Your music and creatures call for a green grassy texture and cartoony buildings.

Adherence to Theme: 7

  • We’ve got the viruses coming in, but I’m building “factories”?
  • I’m not sure why it looks like the year 1800, with a castle and gray cobblestone brick.
  • The “hot dog cash” made me laugh, but didn’t really have anything to do with the theme (or factories)?
  • I’m guessing the designers threw it in to spice things up, because the theme was going nowhere.
  • Looking at the game, I would not know it had anything to do with “Deadly Viruses from Dimension N+1″

Originality and Creativity: 6

  • The game is ambitious, but aside from the cool looking viruses, it’s an RTS.
  • I liked the colour idea (a creature for B & W, another creature for colour), but it does not currently add much.
  • Obviously, there was not enough time to balance things or make the experience more compelling.
  • I found myself constantly waiting for more hot dogs, with no ability to speed up hot dog production.
  • I need more hot dogs.

Technical Achievement: 1

  • It’s 3D. Mouse selection in 3D. Tricky to implement virus cloud effect. Creatures have basic A.I.
  • Collision detection. Only game with a movable camera. Good Job.

Overall: 7

  • I’m not knocking the work it took to make this game.
  • However, I didn’t find things that fun.
  • Unless you have a hidden infinite hot dog key, there’s no reason for me to play again.

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