Hot Potato

Hot Potato by Johnathon Doda


Categories are rated from 1 (excellent) to 7 (poor).

Sound and Music: 7

  • 2 Sound effects? Why not a variety of potato passing sounds since I’m passing ALL THE TIME. Quickly got irritating.
  • Why no music? It would add a lot to the game. Would have been preferable to hear a song over the same ribbit sound 8 million times :)
  • I liked the sound effect when the rock hit the frog.

Graphics and Art: 7

  • What exactly is falling from the sky?
  • Why is the background RGB(0,255,0)?
  • Why don’t the frogs at least rotate a little bit when I move them?

Adherence to Theme: 6

  • Frogs playing hot potato. Not really subtle or clever.
  • I’m guessing it’s pieces of the earth that are falling.
  • With a little more work on the graphics, this would probably have been a little higher.

Originality and Creativity: 3

  • Despite everything, I like playing this game. I would play it again.
  • The idea of controlling 2 frogs at once, and passing a potato between them is pure fun!
  • It’s like playing hockey with myself.
  • The auto-pass combined with constant danger of hitting ANYTHING really makes things compelling.
  • I like the fact you level up quickly, so it gets hard quickly.

Technical Achievement: 6

  • A fairly easy game to make. Collision detection is very basic.

Overall: 4

  • The gameplay in Hot Potato is everything - which is I’m guessing the intention.


  • Gameplay defect? There’s nothing stopping me from placing the frogs right beside each other and hitting space constantly. That’s the easiest and best way to get points.
  • Thanks to my years of playing Mame “Robotron 2084″ with a keyboard, I can actually control both frogs.

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