Babel by Andy Hammerlindl


Categories are rated from 1 (excellent) to 7 (poor).

Sound and Music: 1

  • Loved the classical music and MULTIPLE songs (a rarity in this deathmatch)
  • Loved the fact songs faded in and out - really added to the tension.
  • Sound effects worked well together. The sound of making a building did not get annoying, despite the fact I was constantly building.
  • When a building was finished, loved the big impact sound that acknowledged it. Made me feel I accomplished something.
  • Obviously a lot of effort was put into the sound, and it paid off.

Graphics and Art: 1

  • This game has STYLE to spare.
  • Loved the fact everything was detailed silhouettes.
  • Loved the fact that 2 nearly complete buildings look good together (smaller near the top, virus lines interesecting, very symmetric & artistic)
  • Loved how the items filled up - especially the girders (filling from 2 directions no less).
  • The smooth lines of the N+ Virus machine were great.
  • Good explosions, really felt the impact.
  • Didn’t like when items / buildings overlapped (radar and missile). I don’t know how you solve this. Maybe offer less options?

Adherence to Theme: 4

  • I liked the fact the theme made a natural fit as a weapon.
  • It makes sense that viruses could get through shields, which serves the gameplay.
  • However, the game could stand very easily without the theme. i.e. Just call the virus weapon something else, and voila, the game has nothing to do with the theme.

Originality and Creativity: 2

  • I’ve never played a game like this. It’s like playing an RTS in profile.
  • The gameplay, like an RTS, appears to needs some refinement (weapon balancing, ensure there is no one sure strategy for success).
  • Liked the fact girders took longer to build near the end, really added to the suspense.
  • I imagine this waiting is agonizing and hilarious with 2 players.

Technical Achievement: 1

  • Particle effects? Networked Multiplayer? OpenGL 2D? Multiple level Enemy A.I.? Collision detection between missiles and shields?
  • Calculating Missile tragectory toward where the mouse was clicked? Tough.

Overall: 2

  • Very impressive game. With more work on gameplay balancing, this would be a ONE or LOWER (that’s a good thing).
  • While I really like the game, I won’t be playing it against the computer again.
  • I would definitely try it with 2 players, as I suspect it would be hilarious.


  1. I was unfortunately not able to play this 2 player. I kept playing the A.I. - and found it fun! I’m sure 2 players would be even more fun.
  2. I liked the fact you could keep playing once the game was finished. It was nice to take a few free shots at the computer, even though it beat me.
  3. Couldn’t believe you saved my settings - muchos appreciated.
  4. Do you bother with missiles? They seem like a waste of time given how strong the shields are. My strategy is lots of shields until I can start sending viruses.
  5. I don’t like the fact my missiles can’t reach the top girders. I don’t like the fact that girders are next to impossible to destroy (I never succeded myself - in spite of what the readme says)
  6. I like the fact I can partially finish creating a bunch of missiles, then shoot them one after the other. I don’t like the fact that shields are so strong (even without powerups) they can withstand a lot of missiles.
  7. The computer cheats. At 1.5 he was sending a ton of missiles that I don’t believe could have been ready to send.
  8. In 1 player at least, current “always win” strategy seems to be:
    1. Build factories if you have any. Build a shield to protect the factory (unless it’s high up, where the missiles can’t hurt it).
    2. Build Girders. Build Virus - target other guys factories until they’re gone.
    3. Continue building girders and factories.
  9. Too many shields and missiles. Make less of them, and make what remains more powerful. I always seemed able to create a missile or shield if I needed one.
  10. I didn’t like the fact the N+ virus didn’t directly attack what you selected. Felt weird. I wished the virus would leave the lines near the end, then swarm the target.

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