Here are the GMD 2008 games submissions, in alphabetical order:

Babel (Andy Hammerlindl) Bring Me To Earth (Katherine Gnus)
babel1.jpgbabel2.jpg bmte1.jpgbmte2.jpg
Hot Potato (Johnathon Doda) Immunity (Daniel Steger, Jacque Waller)
hotpotato1.jpghotpotato2.jpg immunity1.jpgimmunity2.jpg
Progger (Andrej Karpathy, Daniel Lister) Quanticom Systems (Ian Chan, Chris Semoff)
progger1.jpgprogger2.jpg quanticom1.jpgquanticom2.jpg
Radioactive Potatoes (Linda Enciu) Unfair (Andrei Petrov)
radioactive1.jpgradioactive2.jpg unfair1.jpgunfair2.jpg
Wedged In (Alex Stittle, Kristal Stittle) Wheel of Space (Ante Bralic, Mark Cautillo)
wedgedin1.jpgwedgedin2.jpg wheelspace1.jpgwheelspace2.jpg

The following games requires the following libraries to run:

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